When is it time to create a NEW demo?

When you feel that your current demo spots aren’t doing you justice anymore, that’s when you should consider creating a completely new demo.

After your initial demo, your voice will continue to develop and you’ll become a more established voice-over talent. If your current demo still sounds like you, showcases you well Filter and microphoneand is booking you work – then there’s no rush to record a new one. When the time comes that you feel the need or the industry trends have changed so much that your demo has become dated, you can tweak the demo you currently have. Do this by adding a few things such as mock spots and real work (as long as the real jobs truly showcase YOU well and not just the product!) Keep the best parts from your original demo and make sure those spots are right up front. Re-do, shorten and move things around! Even if things are only slightly changed, you can send out "new demo" advertising to clients.

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