SAV Student Andrea Burnette Lands VO Job for Health First New York!

Andrea Burnette is the perfect example of someone who has managed to turn a life-long passion for reading aloud into an actual career move. As it turns out, her years of “practice” have suited her well- having shaped her ability to embody the character in each read she does. Andrea always knew she wanted to pursue voice-overs, so when she took her first class with Such A Voice, she knew by the end of it that it was time to make the move!

Andrea decided to take every minute of her studies with SAV coach Michelle Falzon very seriously, (actually asking her to nit pick!) to make sure she would get the most out of her training. “Michelle is an excellent fit for me because she’s a fantastic teacher. Her knowledge includes not only voice technique, but recording and the technical aspects of producing a marketable product, as well as starting and sustaining a viable voiceover business,” she says of her training. There is no doubt that Andrea’s intense devotion to do her personal best has served her very well, as she has now booked 2 radio commercial spots for a client in the incredibly competitive market of New York City!

She says of the experience, “I booked that first job this month via, two 60-second radio commercials to air in New York City for Health First New York. The client and the agency arranged to phone me to provide direction during the recording session. That was quite an experience! Since I booked that job, voice seekers have begun to send me invitations, which is very encouraging.”

Just like every artist, Andrea’s prior experiences are what truly helped her to nail these spots, “I attended a workshop titled ‘People Who Hire’ and had an opportunity to read for a local ad agency executive and a room full of fellow VO talents. I was very nervous, but got through the read and received good feedback from the exec and my peers. It turned out to be just the preparation I needed for my first vo job.” Combining this experience with her natural ability to be resilient and face new challenges daily, Andrea was ready for the job and is now a paid VO professional!

Are you dreaming of following in Andrea’s foot steps? To do so she recommends that you, “Listen to your coach, listen to voiceovers on web sites, TV, radio, in elevators and malls, wherever they occur. Practice, practice, practice! Keep listening, learning, improving and don’t give up!” Take your education seriously as she did with Such A Voice, finding that “the training itself was a great foundation on which to build; it also really helped to have someone to guide me through the process and help avoid the pitfalls. I understand the VO lingo and understand what’s expected of me so that I can deliver what the client expects.”

Congratulations Andrea, with your natural talents and drive to succeed, we are sure that we will be hearing much more of your voice in the coming months and years!

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