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VO Talent/Coach Lisa Foster lands a role in an animated film!

Congratulations to Such A Voice Coach Lisa Foster on landing a role in an animated film! img56

“I was delighted to get one of the last audition spots for this film, and even more delighted that they hired me for the role of “Eve” on the spot! Doing a feature length animation film has been on my bucket list for a long time, and this opportunity presented itself at just the right time. I am really looking forward to the production of this film, and cannot wait to bring Eve to life!”

To find out more about Eve, click here.

We’re looking forward to seeing the film Lisa, congratulations!

Audiobook Narration

Have you been dreaming of finding a place for yourself within the niche of Audiobook Narration? Perhaps you have been…. without even realizing it! One of the most common things we hear from people aspiring to be a voice-over artist is “I can do all kinds of voices!” Well, to many people’s surprise, in most voice-over work this actually isn’t a requirement. These days with a “conversational tone” dominating the industry, imitating voices is “out” and sounding like yourself is “in” for most commercials and narrations. However, if beyond your own “everyday voice” you find that there are all kinds of character voices inside of you just dying to be let out…. audiobooks may be just what you are looking for!

Audiobooks have quickly become very popular with frequent book readers, and as a result have become a great source of bread and butter for voice-over talent who excel in lengthy narrations. Audiobooks are a wonderful opportunity to showcase many skills including narration, stamina, character voices, overall acting ability and more. There are many genres within the audiobook niche, so if you are passionate about reading, chances are you will find several that appeal to you. Fiction, Non-Fiction, How To’s, Best Sellers, Classic Literature and Children’s Books just start the list. As you can imagine, each one comes with its own set of special skills required. Can you motivate? Instruct? Bring life to a children’s book? What types of books do you love to read? Pondering these questions will help you to choose which specific areas you should target.

The Audiobook niche works much like other areas of voice-over, and the best way to showcase your aptitude for work within it is to have an audiobook narration demo. Audiobook demos are often much longer than a standard commercial or narration demo, to showcase that needed skill: stamina! Once you have your fully produced demo, you will find your search for audiobook work to be much easier, since this has become a standard expectation when considering talent. Start by searching and contacting audiobook companies, and create an account for yourself on (much like or, you can easily audition specifically for audiobook work, but without a fee!)

Once you have an audition opportunity, you should do research on the book first. Break down the script and plan any character voices that may be necessary. Have a dictionary handy for any challenging words or terms you may come across, but most importantly let your love for reading dictate what you do! Authors often have a hand in choosing who will narrate their book, and if you are passionate about what you are reading, it is sure to be recognized right away. Lastly, as you may have heard a million times before… “practice, practice, practice.” So keep on reading, and read out loud. If you have a passion for literature and voice-overs, this may be the perfect niche for you. Practicing is always a lot more fun when it’s something you enjoy doing!

Developing Character Voices

Join us in this short video by Such A Voice’s Director of Operations, Heather Costa as she discusses developing character voices. This is a great introduction to finding the character voices within yourself. Join us in learning how to produce these voices, find out great recommendations for practicing and building up your characters!

Click here to watch!

Talent Spotlight: Kerry Steward

Such A Voice student Kerry Steward recently booked a job voicing two characters in a video game! 

Kerry Steward is relatively new to the voice-over world, but is already celebrating some wonderful success! Found on, Kerry was approached to voice 2 different characters for a Russian client in a new video game – Mysteries of the Mind: Coma. She was quick to respond and secure their interest in her voice, but then learned that patience would be the name of the game in actually obtaining the job. She waited several weeks for them to finalize the scripts, but kept up her quick pace once she finally received the lines. She made the turnaround happen within 24 hours and received approval and payment shortly after! 

Now having entered into the realm of “paid voice-over artist,” Kerry is thankful for her guidance at Such A Voice, from the first words of encouragement from Tom Force to the continued support of her coach Lisa Foster. Kerry is ecstatic to be shifting gears towards a career that allows her to live out her life-long dreams of acting, being her own boss and doing something she loves. It has been a long road since her first “on air” appearance at the age of four. She was celebrating her birthday with a family friend who happened to be the “star” of the local Saturday Morning radio show, an experience that remains in her heart to this day! Now in the beginning stages as a working professional in this industry, she hopes that she will continue to learn and grow.

As a new talent she considers her strengths to be her natural instincts, as well as her sense of humor. While some aspiring talents find the nature of constant auditioning challenging, Kerry lives by the philosophy that some clients will enjoy her audition, some won’t, and life goes on! She hopes that others will join in the ranks of her success soon and offers those still waiting to find their first piece of success a little tried and true advice: “Practice. Market yourself. Enjoy. Repeat!”