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Such A Voice Coach Alan Schwartz has had a very exciting couple of weeks landing jobs for McDonald’s, GE, ExxonMobil, Sam’s Club and Cisco!


Alan Schwartz, a NYC based VO talent, with over eleven years of diversified experience as a voice-over artist, recently landed four exciting jobs with some pretty high profile companies. He was hired to record radio spots for McDonald’s and GE, orientation/employee training videos for Exxon Mobil and Sam’s Club and several branding videos for Cisco!

He secured these jobs from producers who were existing clients of his. Alan reminds us that “establishing ongoing relationships with producers is a wonderful way to not only get reoccurring work, but to receive opportunities to voice some big time projects!”

All of these jobs were recorded in Alan’s home studio, some with the producer directing him over the phone, the others autonomously, a skill that every professional voice talent, even a talent in major market NYC should master.

Congratulations Alan, these clients are lucky to have you!

Talent Spotlight: Kerry Steward

Such A Voice student Kerry Steward recently booked a job voicing two characters in a video game! 

Kerry Steward is relatively new to the voice-over world, but is already celebrating some wonderful success! Found on, Kerry was approached to voice 2 different characters for a Russian client in a new video game – Mysteries of the Mind: Coma. She was quick to respond and secure their interest in her voice, but then learned that patience would be the name of the game in actually obtaining the job. She waited several weeks for them to finalize the scripts, but kept up her quick pace once she finally received the lines. She made the turnaround happen within 24 hours and received approval and payment shortly after! 

Now having entered into the realm of “paid voice-over artist,” Kerry is thankful for her guidance at Such A Voice, from the first words of encouragement from Tom Force to the continued support of her coach Lisa Foster. Kerry is ecstatic to be shifting gears towards a career that allows her to live out her life-long dreams of acting, being her own boss and doing something she loves. It has been a long road since her first “on air” appearance at the age of four. She was celebrating her birthday with a family friend who happened to be the “star” of the local Saturday Morning radio show, an experience that remains in her heart to this day! Now in the beginning stages as a working professional in this industry, she hopes that she will continue to learn and grow.

As a new talent she considers her strengths to be her natural instincts, as well as her sense of humor. While some aspiring talents find the nature of constant auditioning challenging, Kerry lives by the philosophy that some clients will enjoy her audition, some won’t, and life goes on! She hopes that others will join in the ranks of her success soon and offers those still waiting to find their first piece of success a little tried and true advice: “Practice. Market yourself. Enjoy. Repeat!”